Mini Fic Preview: If We Were Children I Would Bake You A Mudpie (13/?)

Gasp! This is finally happening…again! Look at me go!! Here’s the link to the whole story if curiosity gets the best of you. 

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Quinn has never been very good at being quiet when it’s counted, so she considers it a success when she’s able to tiptoe downstairs and finds her way into the kitchen for a couple of glasses of water, without one single sound. She’s surprised when she passes Sadie on the couch that’s seated right next to the kitchen island, but decides to make a mental note to ask Sadie about it later.

The only thing on her mind is fetching the water and returning to Santana.

Quinn has a conversation waiting for her upstairs. A real, solid, promise to discuss this thing that has grown between them, this thing that has always gotten in the way. For the first time in a long time Quinn has a lead about where things are going and what this thing could be if only her and Santana could just let it freakin’be.

She doesn’t want to deter that moment by quelling her curious mind, so she passes by Sadie with a small smile and a quiet promise to settle those curious questions later.

“So did you lock lips and sink ships or did I spend four hours in the freezing cold listening to Kurt differentiate the difference between friends and friends for nothing?”

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I always stop here even though I’ve been here a million times.

It’s just funny to me, that there’s SO many signs and yet the majority of the people still don’t know where they’re going.


Nobody knows how tough it is to be a Mexican-American.

This scene tho
All the white kids in my spanish class just struggled with this part

Ugh, Selena is all kinds of right. ALL THE TIME.

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QuestionPlease update If we were children i would bake you a mudpie next. After i saw you updated it i spent the whole day yesterdAy reading it again from the start. It's so good! I need more. Please... :) Answer

I am working on it :)

Where The Good Ones Go (3/?)
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Author: Unoriginalrhombus

Rating: T

Pairing: Santana/Dani

Summary: “The girl laughs. And it’s sweet, like candy, but comforting like eggnog on Christmas Day. It’s warm like hot cocoa and soft like small hugs from friends. Its music in its simplest form, but it’s a melody nonetheless, and it’s the first melody that Santana has ever wanted to just listen to. Her ears peak in interest and her skin tingles fondly and it’s a high that makes her think of first times and choir rooms. Of best friends and late nights. Of promises.” Mostly AU.

Chapter 3

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2 l

How I envision a conversation would have gone between Santana and Quinn after their looooove connection in 4x14:

“You should come visit me this weekend,” Quinn practically orders weeks later, when the memory of what happened and what didn’t finally blurs together.

“Miss me already, Q?” Is Santana’s casual response.

“Yeah, right.” Quinn answers with a scoff.

Santana laughs. “Is it cause of my sweet, sweet loving?”

Quinn rolls her eyes at Santana’s brashness. “If I say yes will you come visit me?”

“As long as that’s not the only coming I do,” Santana says lowly, before laughing again. “Damn. I am so smooth sometimes.”


Quinn hears some shuffling on the other end before Santana answers. “Hold your gay horses, Quinnie, I’m already purchasing my train ticket.”

“Thanks.” Quinn says, relieved that Santana has decided not to put up a fight.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Santana dismisses, and Quinn can almost see her rolling her eyes. “It’ll be nice to get away from the Gay Broadway twins for a bit.”

“I’m sure it’s not that bad,” Quinn comments, even though she has no real idea.

“Uh, until you’ve heard Rachel sing My Heart Will Go On in every octave that she can manage, you don’t get to have an input on what’s bad or not.”

just wrote a Quinntana fanfic whilst completely intoxicated.

Opinions on whether or not I should post it?

Made the mistake of eating a hot cheeto after slicing open my thumb.



Taking Steps Is Easy (Standing Still Is Hard) Part Four

Author: Unoriginalrhombus

Rating: M

Words: 4,797

Pairing: Quinn/Santana, minor Brittany/Santana

Summary: ”Best friends are tricky things b/c Quinn went all in w/the assumption that their friendship would last forever due to loyalty, love, etc. Only for their friendship to be torn apart by something as simple as someone else. Someone who isn’t Quinn. And maybe that’s why it gets to her, maybe that’s why it hurts, maybe that’s why she cares, b/c none of it is Quinn.”

Part Four

And for those who need to read the previous chapters, it’s here:

l Part One l Part Two l Part Three l